Sales CRM for Excel
Sales CRM – Excel CRM Template to Improve your Sales Pipeline
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Sales CRM – Excel CRM Template to Improve your Sales Pipeline

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Simplify your sales pipeline with Excel CRM Template – Sales Tracking Spreadsheet!

✓ Close every deal and project with our unique sales tracking solutions ✓ Gain powerful insight into your sales ✓ Stay ahead of the competition and effectively predict costs and sales

  ➤ The spreadsheet includes Invoice Tracker, Estimate Template, Movable Kanban Tiles, Task Management with Time Tracking, Profit and Loss Statement, Sales Sensitivity Analysis and much more! Compatible: Windows OS, Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, 365 (Excel with macros)

★ Download the Sales Tracking Spreadsheet and start growing your business today! ★

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⚡ Excel CRM Template – Spreadsheet to track your sales ⚡

Sales Tracker – Manage your deals like a pro

🍃The Excel CRM Sales Spreadsheet is a unique combination of an Excel spreadsheet and an app – edit records directly in the table as well as in the detail view.

🍃Speed up your work with drop-down lists with search, date picker, and filter panels.

Excel Dashboard Spreadsheet

Excel Dashboard Spreadsheet

Kanban Board – Move your business forward with drag & drop tiles

Our Kanban is created without formulas, which makes it faster and more efficient than the Kanban boards created in spreadsheets available on the market.

The moveable tiles make the Sales CRM Spreadsheet a unique and powerful tool.

CRM Software with Dashboard & Income Statement

🍃Keep track of the work you do, sales funnel, expenses, profit, next deals, tasks & invoices.

🍃Still not enough? Sales CRM also includes a profit and loss statement for the last 3 years and the projected 3 years. On the same sheet, sensitivity analysis helps you with budgeting.

🍃Review the performance of your project, direct sales, or e-commerce business with Sales Analysis

Excel Dashboard Spreadsheet

Task Management & Time Tracker

Best CRM software should include task management and time tracking and workload planning. That is why we have included these solutions in our Sales CRM

The sales tracking spreadsheet make customer service easier. You can quickly create tasks, assign them to people, link them to a customer and project, or use the Kanban board.

A special view for tasks allows to track time in the background

Excel Dashboard Spreadsheet

Excel Dashboard Spreadsheet

Customers & Invoicing with Bill Statement in Excel CRM Sheet

The customer table includes the status of the lead (e.g., new lead, returning customer, VIP customer, etc.), basic information such as address, and primary contact details.

In addition to creating and tracking sales and expense invoices, generate an invoice statement for a selected customer with a single click.

Track when payments are due to avoid getting paid late or overdue.

Expense Tracker & Employee Workload Planner

The key to success is controlling your expenses. That’s why this CRM template has an expense tracker that allows you to create your own cost structure – set up groups and then assign categories to them.

Workload Planner helps you get the right person for the job. Color coding of available work time will help you delegate tasks

Excel Dashboard Spreadsheet



Windows OS + Excel (2013, 2016, 2019, 365)

Excel CRM Sales Spreadsheet – List of all features


Client Tracker – Deals & Tracker

  • Working with Deals & Tasks
  • Deals, Tasks, Customers, Employees, Invoices Database
  • Link deals to all tables
  • Advanced data filtering
  • Define your own sales stages
  • Define and tag customer sources
  • Create custom dropdown lists
  • Custom color coding for statuses

Client Tracker – Deals & Tracker

  • Dedicated detail view to manage deals/tasks and all activities associated with the deal
  • Browse Deals & Tasks in a detailed view
  • Notes pane to keep track of what you’re working on
  • Focus on tasks related to a deal
  • Use the Workload Planner in the Task Details vie


  • Predefined reports for deals and tasks
  • Flexible report filtering
  • Define your report template – no Excel skills required
  • Advanced Pivot Tables

Income Statement

  • Full Income Statement (IS) for 2 previous years (Full Year Income Statement)
  • Income Statement YTD + Full Year Forecast for current year
  • Forecast for 3 next years
  • Sensitivity analysis – check your net income or loss with modifiers:
  • Revenue % Growth, COGS % Growth, Operating Expense % Growth

Sales CRM Automation

  • Automatically adjust view to fit monitor size
  • Custom filter panels
  • Activity log to show ‘history’ of the deal
  • Auto-complete in drop-down lists
  • Floating sidebar menu for easy navigation
  • Full screen mode

Unique Kanban Boards

  • Manage your deals/tasks with movable tiles in Kanban board
  • Edit Deals/Tasks data directly on the Kanban tile

Estimation & Workload

  • Effectively estimate deadlines for tasks and projects
  • Delegate tasks according to employee workload
  • Convert quote to deal (with or without tasks)
  • Generate PDFs – quote template

Activity Log

  • Sales CRM automatically logs every action related to customer, deal, and task

Sales Dashboard

  • Revenue, Expense & Profit YTD and Full Year Summary
  • This Month Summary for Lead, Active, Failed & Success Deals
  • Dynamic chart (monthly/weekly and deals/profit)
  • To-Do List for Deals,
  • Tasks & Invoices
  • Sales Funnel
  • Tasks summary (Open, Overdue, Success, Lost)
Some of these functions have been created using VBA (macros). This is the password-protected intellectual property of LuxTemplates.

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  1. O.Willis

    I only bought it for drag & drop kanban. It’s worth it!

  2. LAdetailing

    First, I bought Excel CRM and asked for a modification. Then I got Sales CRM as a free update.
    The difference between the sheets is huge! More tables and above all sheets are unlocked

  3. F.Hiatt

    good product and easy to work with

  4. O.Bre

    Very easy to use and works great for our business

  5. B.Walter

    Sent fast, great communication, great time tracking feature

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