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Excel Budget Template - Expense Tracker

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(7 customer reviews)

Budget Tracker controls every aspect of your business for you. Save hours of work!

Increase your sales, reduce costs, analyze a business, and check the profitability of a venture or product preparation.

With this Excel financial template, you’re improving your business or design a new product or service!

Budget Increase Sales Excel SHeets

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Do Break-Even Point analysis, check your Return on Investment, Return on Sales and Assets, and even Asset turnover.
Take your finances into your hands and analyze your Cash Flow, EBIT, and more indicators!

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Budget Template – Expense Tracker – Financial Statement Analysis


Intro financial statement consolidation

For everyone: A thriving business should be based on solid foundations. Such a foundation is the Excel Budget Template which guides you through the process of preparing the balance sheet and income statement to get better cash flow. Increase the quality of budget management in your small business.

Comprehensive: The budgeting plan contains all the information required to create a business plan and present a balance sheet or cash flow. You can plan and verify your assumptions for every kind of product.  You can offer services, consumables, or even digital products – then this consolidated financial statement will help you.

For many years: You will receive a detailed financial plan for 5 years, which will serve you as invaluable feedback when deciding on the investment. Thus you can use the plan as an argument to convince your future sponsor/investor of your business.

Detailed: The calculations are very accurate, based on many categories of production costs of a product or service, revenues, loans, and taxes.

Correct: The Financial Statement Analysis is based on the knowledge of economists.


Business Plan, Budgeting, Cash flow, EBIT, Sensitivity Analysis, Budget Tracker, and much more

Running your business, you must control every aspect of it. Hence, the financial template will do it effectively for you. Provide your data and then simply check your ROI, EBIT, sensitivity, and many other indicators. Why not use our Finance Statement to develop your Company?

Best for:

  • Everyone opening a new business
  • Production company
  • Small business
  • Freelance
  • Service providers
  • Retailers and Wholesalers
  • Freelancers and small business
  • Stores with Digital/Virtual products
  • Companies selling consumable products
  • Companies starting with a new project
  • As a Business plan supplement
  • Investors
  • and financial analysis

Main Features:

By choosing our Excel balance sheet template you gain a lot of features. For instance, charts to analyze your business and track your Budget. Sensitivity analysis for 3 scenarios, financial indicators (ROI, EBIT, ROA, ROE, and others) and including an additional forecast for 5 years.

Chart Sensitivity analysis

Chart Gross Margin Total Operating Expenses Balance Sheet

Chart Net profit & EBITDA Income Statement

Chart Sensitivity analysis - Net Present Value Company

Balance Sheet and Income Statement

An income statement is an important type of sheet used to report a company’s financial results, as well as to check the financial condition of a company.

financial statement analysis excel template balance sheet


Loan calculation

In case you finance your business with a loan, calculate its cost (monthly, quarterly, or annually)

Excel Loan Calculation Company
Excel Loan Calculation Company

Plan your Sales

Plan quantity, prices (fixed and seasonal), the value of sales, and what is more, verify the VAT amount, The spreadsheet will guide you.

Net Sales income statement in excel
Net Sales income statement in excel

Estimate & Track Costs

Every consolidated financial statement should present a unit cost, so check the margin per unit and plan your purchase plan.

Purchase plans raw materials for financial statement

Plan the production volume

Do you produce consumer or maybe digital products? Go ahead – plan your annual production. Alternatively, use the Budget Spreadsheet to manage Services, it’s your choice – the spreadsheet is flexible and adapts to your needs.

Production plan Digital Goods
Production plan Digital Goods


You will get:

  • Detailed cost identification
  • Financial Dashboard
  • Comprehensive sales plan
  • Tax calculations (including VAT)
  • Break-Even-Point Analysis
  • Budgeting plan (Budget Tracker)
  • Perfect supplement for completing a business plan
  • Sensitivity analysis worksheet
  • Indicator analysis (ROI, EBIT, ROA, ROE, BEP, Debt Ratio, etc)
  • Flexible – you can adapt it to any product or service
  • Modern and clear design
  • Interface supported by VBA (in Premium, Enterprise version)
  • Secure payment (credit card or PayPal)
  • Instant Download
  • No usage fees
  • A fully editable file (Premium, Enterprise version)


  • Sample data
  • Excel Spreadsheet compatible with Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 365
  • Direct link to Google Sheets (available on Modifiable & Business licenses)
  • Discount code -8% (Single User
  • Discount code -15% (Modifiable, Business)

7 reviews for Excel Budget Template – Expense Tracker

  1. ilvdenmark

    Good as described!

  2. Liam

    I’d like to get a little bit different report page, is that possible? I use business license

  3. Judith

    Happy to use that spreadsheet!

  4. Will-I-am

    I bought that spreadsheet for Google Sheets, it looks a little different than the Excel version, It’s good enough. Anyway, I’m able to track my money so I’m happy

  5. ShoesAtBerkleys

    This Excel sheets helped us to decide to cut off one of our product (shoes). Encourage to buy the spreadsheet and analyze your business

  6. CharlieCh

    As we don’t use vat (gst) tax in US, most financial sheets I found were without that option. Now I’m able to forecast my business in AU and UK too
    You’re great!

  7. Raj

    Business Plan, Budgeting, Cash flow, EBIT, Sensitivity charts, Budget Tracker, Kpi.. I just wanted to check my Cash flow & ROI while I got all the financial pack!
    Thanks for the advice Damian

    • Damian

      Happy to read that 🙂
      Damian, LuxTemplates Team

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