Balanced Scorecard Excel Spreadsheet
Balanced Scorecard
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Balanced Scorecard

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The unique version of Excel Balanced Scorecard

Get to know this simple tool anew, and discover how many values it will help you find in your business.

  • 4 Perspectives (Financial, Customer, Learning, Internal)
  • 1 Scorecard to sum up everything


Compatible: Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 365

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Why Balanced Scorecard Spreadsheet?

The balanced scorecard refers to Strategic Management and is used to identify and improve various internal business functions and their resulting external outcomes. Used to measure and provide feedback to organizations, commonly among companies in all countries.

Our Balanced Scorecard Excel Spreadsheet is a professional approach to analyzing and measuring the implementation of your company’s strategy.

Financial Perspective

The financial perspective is used to record your most important financial KPIs such as sales, expenditures, EBIT etc.

However, the most important element is to set your goals, which you will keep under control

Customers Perspective

The Customer Perspective section is related to the quality of customer service, satisfaction, or feedback you get from your customers. For example, the spreadsheet compares the number of products sold, the loss of customers, and the number of new customers. Of course, you can modify this as well as add 2 more measures

Learning & Growth Perspective

Your company has to grow, and that can be measured by many factors, for example, learning curves, gaining experience and knowledge. It’s all about growing your knowledge resources, information, and competitive advantages on the market

To help you understand this, the Learning & Growth Perspective sheet was created.
We have set up examples of KPIs to measure, such as the number of new products, the share of services, or the number of employee training.
Add your own measures!

Internal Business Processes Perspective

The last but not least section is Internal Processes.

This is where you set goals that will allow you to improve the quality of your processes. Most often they are related to the Customer Perspective, so they are Issues & Complaints – after all, they define how well your processes are organized.
Additionally, we have added KPIs “New Features” which you can replace with anything like Bug Fixes, Time tracked etc.

Balanced Scorecard – Summary

The Balanced Scorecard sheet is a kind of dashboard that sums up everything you have entered in the previous tabs and clearly shows whether you are under or over the target.
This report shows the trend and therefore has additional analytical value.
In addition, there is a place for notes.
We believe and we still experience in practice that our Excel Balanced Scorecard Spreadsheet helps in a great way to improve the company’s results

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