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Excel Spreadsheets Dashboards

Time saving tools for small business owners & freelancers

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  • Managers

    Manage a team, product or process? That's why you need worksheets to automate your processes

  • Small Business Owners

    For those who offer services, products, or manage a small team. These spreadsheets will help you to manage the entire enterprise and team

  • Freelancers

    As a freelancer, in each package you will find sheets that will allow you to better manage your business.

  • Individuals

    Find something for yourself, e.g. budget planning like professionals, business plan or loan calculators, calendars etc.

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Would you like to know whether the template suits you? Try our demos!

Spreadsheets for Business & Individuals

Excel Dashboards

Excel Templates for you and your business

Carefully prepared sheets based on your needs. Here you can find Dashboards and Excel Templates generating additional value to grow your business.

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Excel Dashboards are what exactly you need to develop your business and amaze your coworkers or partners presenting your products and reports.

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We are skilled at creating Dashboards and Spreadsheets in MS Excel and Google Sheets
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Comprehensive support in creating Reports and Dashboards

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