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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

The fee is one-time. Along with the purchase, you acquire the right to its lifetime use, and when choosing a Premium license (Professional, Business) you can make your own changes to the file. In addition, you have access to any product updates without rebuying it.

Immediately after the purchase, you will see a summary of the transaction with the purchase ID, price etc. On this page you will be able to download the template. In addition, we will send you the same information and a link to the product on your e-mail.

Free templates are characterized by the fact that they were made with less work. Our store offers paid spreadsheets, whose price is relatively low to the value the sheets are able to generate. Our products contain effective formulas and scripts as well as a professional layout leaving behind free templates.

The description of each template shows requirements, eg. versions of Excel the product is compatible and has been tested. The cases of irregularities are not dependent on us, you should look for reasons in your system configuration, custom settings or add-ons for Excel or third-party applications. Nevertheless, please contact us, we will try to help you.

If you have purchased a product under a Premium license (Professional, Business), you can edit the file. The sheet is locked by default, and the unlocking it doesn’t require a password – you can unlock it in the Review tab.

Product purchase doesn’t include additional services. There are 2 solutions: 1. You can purchase another product (Professional, Business license) and modify it on your own. 2. You can contact us describing the desired changes. Then we will offer you our service.

VBA scripts are nothing more than improving a spreadsheet with functionality written by a programmer. VBA sheets allow you to do more, transforming a regular spreadsheet into an application supporting your business. VBA doesn’t require a sheet or formulas to perform calculations.

On the other hand, a sheet without VBA is a standard template based on formulas automating your work.

Unfortunately, you have to buy a new product. However, you can use the discount code provided with the purchase of the previous product.

Our products are as safe as possible, they contain a code made only to achieve the intended result, as described. They do not interfere in your system, data or applications. Each product is secure and ready for verification by anti-virus applications.

Microsoft Excel® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. is not associated with Microsoft.

To use our products, you should have access to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

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