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Real Estate CRM

$ 49,00

Simplify your work and sell more Real Estate!

Your CRM does not meet your expectations, and you keep most of your notes in your calendar anyway? Use Excel Spreadsheet for Realtors to automate your sales pipeline!

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Free (Starter) version:

  • The download button is under the gallery section
  • The free version has limited features (there’s no Kanban, Reports, Showings, Emails, Custom Categories and Invoices)

Google Sheets version:


Compatible: Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, 365, (Excel with Macros), Google Sheets


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Instant Download

Work smart, not hard - use our Dashboards!

Real Estate - Excel CRM in a Nutshell

Microsoft Excel

Our CRM is made in Excel, so you get flexibility and spreadsheet capabilities!


Optimized code to simplify your work


Impress your team with the intuitive design of the spreadsheet

MS Outlook Sync

Export Showings & Tasks to the Outlook Calendar, as well as send e-mail via Outlook.

Excel Real Estate CRM

Real Estate CRM list of all features

  • Lead, Referral Agents, Tasks, Showings & Invoices databases
  • Linking leads with referrals, tasks, showings & invoices
  • Activity log – cooperation with a lead
  • Staging of sales and sales funnels
  • Custom filter panel
  • Advanced data filtering
  • Dynamic table view (showing/hiding columns & filter panel
  • Defining and marking customer sources
  • Creating custom drop-down lists
  • Custom Color-coding for statuses
  • Defining your own sales stages
  • Dedicated details view to manage all tasks, showings, invoices, activities linked with a lead
  • Defining activities like tasks, showings, invoicing
  • Auto-Fit to the monitor
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Floating sidebar menu to make it easy to navigate
  • Creating templates for e-mails
  • Sending e-mails directly from Excel (Outlook sync or via SMTP server – easy to connect with Gmail and any other provider)
  • Manage your deals/leads & tasks with draggable* kanban board
  • Edit Lead/Task data directly on Kanban tile*
*Innovative feature that you won’t find in any other Excel spreadsheet!
  • Predefined reports for Lead, Tasks, and Invoices
  • Flexible report filtering
  • Define your report template – Excel skills not needed
  • Auto-fit the view to the size of the monitor
  • Year to Date Sales Summary
  • Growth Year over Year
  • Sales Funnel
  • Leads, Tasks, Showings Trends
  • Active Leads
  • Next Showings
  • To-Do Tasks
  • Next Invoices to Pay Receive
  • Profit by Month with comparison to the previous year
  • Tasks Summary (Open, Overdue, Success, Failed)
  • Help in creating custom categories
  • Customization

Some features are not available in the free version


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Deals, Tasks, Customers, Employees tables, Workload Planner, Estimate Sheet, Time Tracking, more advanced details view, Income Statement, Sales Analysis, Expense sheet, and more!



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