Small Business Bundle Cover Excel SPreadsheet
Small Business Bundle
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Small Business Bundle

$ 222.00

Small Business Bundle – 6 in 1!

This bundle of 6 essential sheets has been created to definitely improve the efficiency of small businesses. The content of the “pack” is chosen to support and help to improve your business as much as possible.

  • Use the Sales Tracking Spreadsheet to control and increase your profits, and track your sales KPIs.
  • Kanban Board and Gantt Timeline will help you to focus on tasks, look at the problem from a wider perspective
  • Payroll Calculator and Employee Spreadsheet are designed to relieve you of HR obligations. These tools will help you calculate salaries and track suppliers and team contracts. Use this not only to store your employees but also for your contractors
  • Last, but not least, Inventory Management – will be useful not only in warehouse processes but also in commerce. Control stock, minimum order quantity, and what sales forecast

The package value is 222 USD (for not bundled purchase).

Save up to 55% with the bundle!

Compatible Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 365

Spreadsheet List
1. Employee Management (HR)
2. Sales Tracking Spreadsheet
3. Payroll Calculator + Pay Stub
4. Warehouse Inventory Management
5. Profit-Loss Template (P&L)
6. Excel Gantt Chart Timeline

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Small Business Bundle Spreadsheet


Employee Management (HR)

This spreadsheet is a great solution for small businesses, it covers almost everything related to staff management and a little task management: Employee List, Tasks, Contracts, Performance Review, Attendance, and PlannerPayroll. The sheet was prepared to manage HR processes, so the primary function of the file is team management. You can do this by evaluating its performance as well as assignments.

More about this spreadsheet here [show HR spreadsheet]

vacation spreadsheet


Sales Tracking Spreadsheet

Almost every aspect of a salesperson’s job can be tracked, analyzed, quantified, and measured. To automate and help you with that, we’ve created sales tracking spreadsheet.

How will this product help you? Just follow these simple steps and the worksheet will do the rest for you.

  1.  Identify your capabilities and then set Sales Targets
  2. Set stages that each lead would fall into (Settings tab)
  3. Add your first opportunity/deal.
  4. Manage your deals using various metrics and flexible labels
  5. Track your Performance in the Overview sheet & KPI sheet

More about this spreadsheet here [show sales tracking sheet]

sales funne pipeline



Payroll Calculator + Pay Stub for Small Business

There are 2 types of spreadsheets: weekly and monthly. Both sheets contain tables in which you can register regular work hours, overtime, and sick/vacation hours. Moreover, for each employee, you can set an overtime rate and deductions. As a result, the spreadsheet calculates for you GrossPay, Net Pay, and Taxes.

With the Payroll spreadsheet you can handle:

Regular & Overtime hours: Overtime hours typically begin after an employee works 40 hours a week. Overtime pay is one-and-a-half times the normal rate of pay. However, you can set overtime hours and overtime rates.

Taxes: Our spreadsheet handle taxes such as State Tax, Federal Income, Social Security, Medicare.

Deductions: Any money you subtract from an employee’s total wages.

More about this spreadsheet here [show payroll sheet]


Warehouse Inventory Management

Tracking warehouse KPIs lets you monitor the efficiency of warehouse processes and take corrective measures to increase productivity and asset utilization. The result is continuous operational improvement and increased customer satisfaction.

Also, use Economic Order Quantity to automate your work, and track most important inventory KPIs:  Inventory Turnover, Receiving Time, Order Lead Time, Picking Accuracy, Back Order Rate


More about this spreadsheet here [show Inventory Spreadsheet]



Profit-Loss Template (P&L)

Plan smart, stay ahead of your competition

The profit and loss template in a new & fresh look.

Plan and track your Revenue, Cost, Cashflow, and ROI with 2 input sheets, full Profit-Loss Statement, and Dashboard.

P&L Charts

More about this spreadsheet here [show P&L Spreadsheet]


Excel Gantt Chart Timeline

Get the full picture with Gantt timeline (also called Project Charts) give you or your project manager an overview of work required, done, as well as, who’s working on, and when it should be completed

How to Create Gantt Chart Timeline


Compatible with

Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, 365



Excel Spreadsheets (xlsx) + sample data

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    Sales Tracker, P&L and payrcoll calculator do the job here. It’s worth it!

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