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Plan your business in a few simple steps. Business & Product Planner guides you in the cost calculation, sales planning, investment, and depreciation estimates.

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It’s ok to change your mind. You can cancel your purchase within 14 days and receive a refund provided that you have not started downloading your product.


Business & Product Planner

Business Product Spreadsheet Summary

Business Planner was created as a response to the problem of many people who would like to:

  • create a new product and check whether it’s worth to invest
  • open a new business, but they don’t know if they can afford it
  • verify existing business

The spreadsheet will guide you through a series of sheets, in which you will set the cost of a product or service, plan sales, set up sources of financing. As a result, you will get a business development report for 5 years. The report includes Cashflow, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Analysis Sheet (ROI, Break-Even-Point, ROA, ROS etc).


Services, Consumer Goods or Digital Product?

You can plan any type of business in our spreadsheet. Clear tables and navigation will help you navigate between different areas of the sheet.

How to write a successful business plan? Check our business plan template: Business Plan Template


Production Plan & Unit Cost

The sheet has been adapted so that you can plan your production volume for 5 years. In this tab, you create a list of products or services that you will offer.

There’s no product without cost. In this tab, you set the raw materials and their cost. This is the basis to identify the unit cost of the product


Purchase Plan & Sales Plan

When we know how much we want to produce and how much one product costs us, we can start to draw a purchase plan. In this part, we determine the costs incurred for the production of all products that we intend to produce in a given year.

How to plan sales? It’s easy! After setting up inventory for products and raw materials, ​it’s time to plan your sales. Determine how much you are able to sell and calculate how many products you have left in stock. The sales plan also includes a summary of taxes and VAT / GST

how to plan sales in excel

Loan Calculator & Investments

The spreadsheet offers a loan calculator as a financing source. Of course, the loan installment is included in the cash flow, balance sheet & income statement.

What would these reports be without investment and depreciation? Therefore you can calculate the current value of your investments as well as the depreciation in the Business Planner


Reports: Cashflow, Balance Sheet, Income Statement & Analysis

All the previous sheets were needed only to check now how much you will earn, invest, what rate of return you will achieve. We have prepared 4 sheets that will help you understand the result of your business, see how much you will actually earn and how much tax you will pay. The Balance Sheet report will tell you how much capital and liabilities there are, while the Income Statement will present EBITDA / EBIT, Net Profit, Operating Costs, and Tax value


You will get:

  • Detailed cost identification
  • Financial Dashboard
  • Comprehensive sales plan
  • Tax calculations (including VAT/GST)
  • Break-Even-Point Analysis
  • Budgeting plan (Budget Tracker)
  • Perfect supplement for completing a business plan
  • Sensitivity analysis worksheet
  • Indicator analysis (ROI, EBIT, ROA, ROE, BEP, Debt Ratio, etc)
  • Flexible – you can adapt it to any product or service
  • Modern and clear design
  • Interface supported by VBA (in Premium, Enterprise version)
  • Secure payment (credit card or PayPal)
  • Instant Download
  • No usage fees


  • Sample data
  • Excel Spreadsheet compatible with Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 365


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