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Automate your work with LuxTemplates Spreadsheets.

We can create Excel or Google Sheets Spreadsheet that will boost your results. 

The Spreadsheet can be macro-disabled (.xlsx) or macro-enabled VBA (.xlsm or .xlsb)

Excel Dashboard Spreadsheet

Function buttons

Sidebar Menu

Summary Area

Trend Analysis

Dynamic To-Do Lists

Chart modifiers

Funnel/Line/Bar/Pie Charts

Additional area for summary/analysis

custom spreadsheet

Easy data input

Custom data filters (macro-enabled)

Custom Buttons (macro-enabled)

Date pickers (calendars, macro-enabled)

Keep data structure with drop-down lists

Conditional colors for statuses

Turn your raw Excel file into amazing Spreadsheet

  • Dynamic KPI Dashboards for your e-commerce, freelance business, production, services, etc.
  • Filterable Reports
  • Automation achieved with formulas and VBA code
  • Project Management spreadsheets
  • Data Forecast & Analysis
  • Trackers & Data Generators
  • Payroll & HR
  • Cost & Budget Trackers
  • and many more…

Tell us what type of Spreadsheet would you like to get

Please send us your requirements. Do not forget to attach your current Excel Spreadsheet that you use (you can anonymize names). Alternatively, you can attach an image with your design. Allowed file extensions: .xlsx, .zip, .jpg, .png, .pdf

Make sure to provide information on how you use your current spreadsheet:

  1. Sample use case. How many users work on this file and how often they are inputting data?
  2. Desired result. How it should look like? Where are the main ‘pain points’ in your spreadsheet?

After receiving a message and file, we will contact you to arrange the details.

This publication does not constitute an offer to order our services. To get an offer, contact us.

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