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As a freelancer, you need spreadsheets to manage sales and tasks. We believe that you will find something of value for yourself.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Once purchased, there are no additional fees or hidden charges to unlock features.

You also have access to all product updates without having to purchase the product again.

Immediately after the purchase, you will see a summary of the transaction with the purchase ID, price etc. On this page you will be able to download the template. In addition, we will send you the same information and a link to the product on your e-mail.

Free templates are characterized by the fact that they were made with less work. Our store offers paid spreadsheets whose price is relatively low in relation to the value the spreadsheets are able to generate. Our products contain effective formulas and scripts, as well as a professional layout that leaves free templates behind.

The description of each template shows requirements, e.g. versions of Excel with which the product is compatible and has been tested. The cases of irregularities are not dependent on us, you should look for reasons in your system configuration, custom settings or add-ons for Excel or third party applications.

Nevertheless, please contact us and we will try to help you.

Sure, you can edit the file. The sheet is locked by default, and the unlocking it doesn’t require a password – you can unlock it in the Review tab.

Usually we do small modifications for free. However, product purchase doesn’t include additional services. Please contact us and provide requirements, and after that we will offer you our service.

VBA macro is code written by a programmer (by us) to create functionality and automation. VBA provides solutions that are missing from the standard Excel/Google Sheets file.

Our products are as secure as possible, they contain code that is only designed to achieve the intended result as described. They do not interfere with your system, data or applications. Each product is safe and can be scanned by anti-virus applications.

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