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Sales CRM - Improve your Sales Pipeline

USD$ 49,00

(5 customer reviews)

Simplify your sales pipeline with Excel Sales CRM!

  • Define a sales funnel, deal with customers
  • Track expenses and time spent on the task set deadlines for tasks
  • Do estimates, track the progress of business growth in Dashboard
  • Analyze the product offer and be up to date with the current and forecast Income Statement

The spreadsheet contains Kanban also (movable tiles), Workload Planner, Invoice Tracker, Estimate template, Registers with automation, and many more!

Compatible: Windows OS, Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, 365 (Excel with Macros)

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Work smart, not hard - use our Dashboards!

Sales CRM - Spreadsheet to manage your Business


Focus on tasks, create cost estimates, schedule work, develop your freelance business

Small Business

Organize your work and sell more, focus on the company's finances, manage the sales funnel


Plan your team's workload, view work and results reports, check Income Statement

Project Management

Track the time spent on a task and close the deal with Kanban

See how you're doing in real-time with Dashboards

  • Overview

    Keep track of the work done, Sales, Expenses, Sales Funnel, and Tasks

  • Sales Analytics

    Analyze your business, finances and products

  • Income Statement

    Automatically generated Income Statement & forecast for 3 years

  • Dynamic Filters

    Filter your dashboard with filters. Get as many insights out of your business as possible

  • Layout to keep you focused on task

    Hide all Excel tools with one click. The side menu will help you find your way around the application.

  • Highly Customizable

    A dedicated view that allows you to edit Deals more easily, as well as check related records, such as tasks, employees, invoices, and customers

  • Auto-fit the view to the size of the monitor

    Do you work with multiple monitors? No problem, the view will adjust each time so you don't have to scroll sideways

Sales CRM Dashboard Overview

Revenue, YOY, MOM, Trend

Expenses, YOY, MOM, Trend

Profit, YOY, MOM, Trend

Dynamic Chart, choose between Monthly/Weekly & Deals/Profit

Current Month Summary

To-Do list for Deals, Tasks & Invoices

Saless Funnel | Conversion | Failed

Sales Analytics Dashboard CRM

Bunch of Statistics

Top products & Scatter chart

Dynamic Filters

Statistics for each month

Manage Deals Like a Pro

  • Editable Register

    Multiple column types for even more control over your sales

  • Deals or Projects?

    Assign employee and customer to the dealership. Set deadlines, opportunities and costs

  • Easy data edit

    Date pickers, autocomplete dropdown lists to speed up your work

  • Sales CRM Filters

    Each register is equipped with dynamic filters

  • Function buttons

    Buttons that will help you add and remove records, as well as manage filters

Input Table for Deals with autocomplete dropdown list

Date picker to speed up your work

Function Icons - Details View

Autocomplete Drop-Down list

Structuralize your data with drop-down lists

Show/Hide Filters

Function Buttons

Sales Management in Sales CRM

  • All in one place

    Check basic information, real estate details, activity log without having to open other tables

  • Check related records

    Brief info about recent showings, tasks & invoices

  • Easy data edit

    The great advantage of this view is the quick editing of the record

  • Browse activity log

    Filter and check who and when took action with the lead.

  • Tasks sub-register

    Manage tasks without leaving deals page

  • Notes area

    Easy Notes management

Detail View to show Sales Progress

Basic Info Area

Sales Progress

Customer Details

Employee Details: Open Deals & Tasks

Revenue & Profit Section

Sales progress by Date

Sales progress by Tasks

Activity Log with Filters

Simplify work and get more done

  • Planning Sheet

    The success of each sale is a well-planned action plan. Set Deadlines and stick to it

  • Assign Leads & Statuses

    Assign tasks to Deals, categories and statuses

  • Kanban or Table View?

    Work on the task in a view that suits you. Check our innovative Kanban with draggable boards

  • Sales CRM widgets & functions

    Let's make our work easier. You can quickly go from the table to the details of each task and deal, change the view to kanban or track the time of the task

View Modifiers

Autocomplete dropdowns

Pick-up calendar for Deadlines

Time-tracking columns

Add/Remove task & Clear Filter Buttons

Time Tracking widget

Show details button

Effective team management

  • Workload Planner

    Planuj i śledź obciążenie swoich pracowników za pomocą kolorowych bloków

  • Daily Capacity

    Determine how many hours each employee can spend on projects per day

  • Hourly Rate

    If you want to calculate the cost of an employee's work, set his hourly rate

  • Deals | Tasks Summary

    Track how many projects and tasks an employee is currently working on

Employee Workload Available Hours

Daily Capacity & Hourly Rate

Deals | Tasks Summary

Workload Planner

Controlling your expenses is the key to success

  • Expense Groups

    Create your own cost structure, set up groups and assign categories to them

  • Assign Expense to Deal

    Assign costs to deals to help you manage your business more easily!

  • Income Statement

    Stay up to date with your Income Statement!

Estimate, create offers and win deals

  • Set up Tasks

    Prepare a list of tasks necessary to complete the project

  • Template for Work Packages

    Use your templates and assign work packages to tasks

  • Employee Availbility - Hours

    Assign employees to tasks based on their available working time

  • Convert Estimate to Deal

    After making your estimates, convert estimate to deal with one click!

  • Generate PDF

    Need estimate in PDF? One click is all it takes

Let us remember about payments for you

  • Flexible register

    All in a filterable table, Company Details & Contact summary

  • Count Deals, Expenses, Revenue

    Track how much you earn and spend on a given customer

  • Lead management

    Assign a lead source as well as a lead type to better manage the contact

  • Sales & Purchase

    Track both Sales and Purchase Invoices!

  • Overdue or not?

    Stay on top of which invoices are ending the payment deadline

Sales Spreadsheet Customer Invoices

Track Customers

Count Deals, Expenses & Revenue linked with customer

Invoice Tracking

Easy access to overdue invoices

Contact Details

See your work organized

  • Drag & Drop

    Drag and drop to change status! Don't waste time jumping between tables

  • Edit data directly on tiles

    Don't have to go back to the database to make changes. Edit directly on the Kanban Board

  • Color-code

    Each status has a color that you can change. This method makes it easier to manage and focus on the task

  • Fast & Efficient

    Our kanban was created without the use of formulas, which makes it faster and more efficient than the Kanban boards available on the market

All lead-related activities in one place

  • Filter by Categories

    All in one place and in order! Do you need to check e-mails sent to the client? Or maybe just completed tasks? Click and you have it!

  • Check Related Tasks

    Check recent tasks that have been assigned to the lead / deal

  • Easy Deal Editing

    Is it inconvenient to add data to the table? Edit deals from this view!

Take control of your employees' workload

  • Plan tasks efficiently

    Workload planner will help you get the right employee for the job

  • Track time spent on task

    Additionally, keep track of the time spent on the task. Assign an Hourly rate to an employee to record cost incurred per job

  • Availability visualization

    Color-code of the available working time will help in delegating tasks

Track time spent on a task

  • Task View

    A special view for tasks will allow you not only to manage the task, but also to track the completion time!

  • Track time in background

    Start tracking time and get back to your task. Time will run and update in the background

  • Tracked time Widget

    A widget is available in many views that will remind you which task is currently running in the tracker and how much time has elapsed

Advanced Reporting

  • Reports Deals & Tasks

    We have prepared 2 reports for you, Dealings and Tasks. Nothing prevents you from modifying them or adding more!

  • Easy data edit

    The great advantage of this view is the quick editing of the tables with prepared automations

  • Pivot tables

    Reports are pivot tables that you can easily adapt to yourself

Sales Spreadsheet Report for pipeline

View selection


Report Table

Adjust Sales CRM to your needs

  • Settings for each area

    Don't want fullscreen mode? no problem. Does your calendar start on Monday instead of Sunday? we can handle it. Do invoices not count towards the overall result? No problem!

  • Set Sales Pipeline

    Your business is as unique as your sales pipeline. Customize sales stages for your business and sale more!

  • Define Categories

    We have prepared a set of categories for you, but you can always replace it with yours!

  • Handle Custom Statuses

    Custom statuses, color coding and setting a keyword will allow you to effectively manage your sales

Pipeline spreadsheet customization

View selection

Custom color-coded Statuses

Additional settings

Sales CRM Spreadsheet Innovation

Sales CRM - List of all features

  • Deals, Tasks, Customers, Employees, Invoices database
  • Linking deals with all tables
  • Advanced data filtering
  • Defining your own sales stages
  • Defining and marking customer sources
  • Creating custom drop-down lists
  • Custom color-coding for statuses
  • Dedicated details view to manage Deals/Tasks and all activities linked with the Deal
  • Browse Deals & Tasks in a detail view
  • Notes Area to let you know what you’re working on
  • Focus on tasks linked with a deal
  • Use workload planner in the task detail view
  • Auto-fit the view to the size of the monitor
  • Custom filter panels
  • Activity Log to show ‘history’ of the deal
  • Autocomplete in drop-down lists
  • Floating sidebar menu to make it easy to navigate
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Effectively estimate deadlines for tasks and projects
  • Delegate tasks according to the workload of employees
  • Converting Estimate to Deal (with or without tasks)
  • Generating PDFs – Estimate Template
  • Manage Your Deals/Tasks with a draggable* Kanban board
  • Edit Deals/Tasks data directly on Kanban Tile
*Innovative feature that you won’t find in any other Excel spreadsheet!
  • Predefined reports for Deals & Tasks
  • Flexible report filtering
  • Define your report template – Excel skills not needed
  • Unlocked pivot tables for advanced users
  • Revenue, Expenses & Profit YTD and Full Year summary
  • This month summary for Lead, Active, Failed & Success Deals
  • Dynamic chart (Monthly/Weekly and Deals/Profit)
  • To-do list for deals, tasks & invoices
  • Sales Funnel
  • Tasks summary (Open, Overdue, Success, Failed)
  • Monthly Average – statistics for Deals, Sales, Expenses & Profit
  • Product Analysis (top products + scatter chart)
  • Sales by Month
  • Opportunity vs Sales
  • Full Income Statement (IS) for 2 previous years (Full Year Income Statement)
  • Income Statement YTD + Full Year forecast for the current year
  • Forecast for 3 next years
  • Sensitivity Analysis – check your Net Income or Loss with modifiers: Revenue % growth, COGS % growth, Operating Expenses % growth
  • Help in creating custom categories
  • Customization

No hidden payments or features. All is available with just one payment.


5 reviews for Sales CRM – Improve your Sales Pipeline

  1. O.Willis

    I only bought it for drag & drop kanban. It’s worth it!

  2. LAdetailing

    First, I bought Excel CRM and asked for a modification. Then I got Sales CRM as a free update.
    The difference between the sheets is huge! More tables and above all sheets are unlocked

  3. F.Hiatt

    good product and easy to work with

  4. O.Bre

    Very easy to use and works great for our business

  5. B.Walter

    Sent fast, great communication, great time tracking feature

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