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Sales CRM Spreadsheet Innovation

Sales CRM – to Improve Your Sales Pipeline

Improve your sales pipeline!

  • Define a sales funnel, deal with customers
  • Track expenses and time spent on the tasks, and set deadlines for tasks
  • Make estimates, track the progress of business growth in the dashboard
  • Analyze the product offering and keep up to date with the current and projected P&L

The spreadsheet also includes Kanban (movable tiles), Workload Planner, Invoice Tracker, Estimate template, Registers with automation, and much more!

Product for: Windows OS, Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, 365

Sales CRM Spreadsheet Innovation

Payroll Calculator (Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly)

Payroll Calculator to simplify your work

  • Payroll (7 versions, including Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly) -Regular/Overtime Hours, Taxes, Deductions
  • Pay Stubs – ready to be printed or downloaded (pdf)
  • Employee Information
  • Dropdown lists edit form
  • Remittance Summary Report

Payroll Calculator includes advanced features, remittance & tax reports, and dynamic drop-down lists to automate your work

Product for: Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, 365, Google Sheets

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Property Management Excel Google Sheets Cover
Bid Tracking Spreadsheet Cover
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