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Bid Tracking Spreadsheet

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(3 customer reviews)

Keep your bids organized!

The Bid Tracker can help you keep track of your bids and contracts. This template is very useful for all kinds of contractors, suppliers, and agents. This template is specially designed for bidders and features and easy to navigate format.

  • Dashboard with filters
  • Bid Sheet (dates, flexible dropdown lists, formulas)
  • Contact List – a bonus CRM feature
  • Parameters List to make it easy to modify the sheet

Check the spreadsheet before first and make your choice:

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Work smart, not hard - use our Dashboards!

Bid Tracking Spreadsheet | Google Sheets Template

Keep Your Bids Organized

The Bid Tracker can help you keep track of your bids and contracts. 

The template can be used for any project and is useful for contractors, suppliers, and agents.

Manage your bids more effectively with Bid Tracking Spreadsheet. Set a status for each bid and the spreadsheet automatically highlights the cell with a defined color. Moreover, columns such as Agency, Industry, and Contract Terms contain dynamic drop-down lists. It means you can easily add, remove, and modify items in that dropdown list in the “Lists” tab.
These are one of the many features that will make it easier to manage your bids.

keep your bids organised

Bid Tracker | Dynamic Dashboard


The dashboard has been designed to keep you up to date with every bid. The dashboard consists of 10 objects/charts:

  • Bids Summary
  • Next Bids to Submit
  • Due Bids by Month Bar Chart
  • Status Summary table
  • Status Summary Pie Chart
  • Status Summary Bar Chart
  • Industry Breakdown
  • Submitted vs Not Submitted by Industry
  • Agency Breakdown
  • Submitted vs Not Submitted by Agency

Contact list as a part of CRM in quotes management

The bidding table contains all essential information for your bids, such as a Bid Number, Date Entered, Date Published, Dute Date, also Project Desc. Bid Value and Contact Name.

As a bonus, we created a contact list so that you can enter relevant contacts related to the bids you submit or agents/contracts you cooperate with.



  • Google Sheets
  • Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, 365

When you win the bidding, you can manage the sale or project with the right tools:

3 reviews for Bid Tracking Spreadsheet

  1. Alice.

    Etsy brought me here and I don’t regret it. This is the sheet I was looking for
    Awesome dashboard

  2. Darren.M

    Simple and easy to use sheet. Thank you

  3. Nina.B

    Great template! Quick response and modification from Damian. Highly recommend

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