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Wealth Management Personal Budget Excel

Finally, a Spreadsheet to control your Home Budget!

This unique solution to Grow your Wealth

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What you gain?

Control your budget

All in one place. Available from any device

Store data safely

The data is stored on your spreadsheet, not in any 3rd party applications

Analyze your expenses

See your spending insights in flexible Dashboard

Pay off your debt faster

Organize payments with snowball method

Chart Cash Flow Excel Spreadsheet

Easy & intuitive spreadsheet

See your savings and other insights


Analyze your future Wealth

Forecast tool

Boost your repayments!

Snowball method

Track your Credit Score

FICO Tracker

Record your expenses

Source table

Grow Wealth 4 steps Spreadsheet

Safety first

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Google Sheets

Are you a Google Sheets supporter? Great – open your spreadsheet on your phone or laptop. We squeezed all the possibilities of Excel and strengthen the advantages of Google in one file


The best of Excel – great charts, easy data entry and efficiency!

in your pocket

Access our spreadsheet via Excel or Google Sheets from any device and wherever you are. The sheets are adapted to show detailed data on a laptop, tablet, and to be convenient to use on the phone.

Wealth Management Credit Repair Debt Savings

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Don’t take my word for it. The demo spreadsheet is available to check the design (most of features are blocked).

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