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Real Estate CRM

Simplify your work and sell more real estate!

Leads, Showings, Tasks, Referrals & Invoicing

Your CRM does not meet your expectations, and you keep most of your notes in your calendar anyway? User Excel Spreadsheet for Realtors to sync Calendar with  your Outlook, and automate your sales pipeline!

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Excel Real Estate CRM

Real Estate – Excel CRM in a Nutshell

Microsoft Excel

Our CRM is made in Excel, so you get flexibility and spreadsheet capabilities!


Optimized code to simplify your work


Impress your team with the intuitive design of the spreadsheet

MS Outlook Sync

Export showings & tasks to the Outlook Calendar, as well as send e-mail via Outlook

  • Dashboard & Layout
  • Showings
  • Leads & Deals
  • Details View
  • Task Management
  • Referrals & Invoicing

See how you’re doing in
real-time with Dashboards

  • Dynamic Dashboard & Reports

    Keep track of the work done and check next showings & tasks to be done.

  • Layout to keep you focused on task

    Hide all Excel tools with one click. The side menu will help you find your way around the application.

  • Highly Customizable

    A dedicated view that allows you to edit leads more easily, as well as check related records, such as tasks, invoices, agents, e-mails

  • Auto-fit the view to the size of the monitor

    Do you work with multiple monitors? No problem, the view will adjust each time so you don’t have to scroll sideways

Excel Dashboard Spreadsheet

Function buttons

Sidebar Menu

Summary Area

Trend Analysis

Dynamic To-Do Lists

Chart modifiers

Funnel/Line/Bar/Pie Charts

Additional area for summary/analysis

Scheduling showings is even easier now

  • Timeline

    Plan your showings using a Gantt Timeline and keep everything under control

  • Calendar View

    A dedicated calendar to keep everything close at hand

  • Outlook Calendar sync

    You can save show times in your Outlook calendar – just with a one click

  • Status

    Statuses will help you control meetings, plan, send invitations, confirm meetings.

Create your own lead lists & define sales stages to get more sales

  • Advanced Data filtering

    Speed up your work and filter the table using predefined buttons in the hidden panel.

  • Create custom drop-down lists

    Create your own categories and statuses and assign colors to them for easier identification in the table

  • Deal Details View

    A dedicated view that allows you to edit leads more easily, as well as check related records, such as tasks, invoices, agents, e-mails

  • Flexible table view

    Show and hide individual column sections with sliders

custom spreadsheet

Easy data input

Custom data filters (macro-enabled)

Custom Buttons (macro-enabled)

Date pickers (calendars, macro-enabled)

Keep data structure with drop-down lists

Conditional colors for statuses

Autocomplete Drop-down Lists

Manage Deals Like a Pro

  • All in one place

    Check basic information, real estate details, activity log without having to open other tables

  • Check related records

    Brief info about recent showings, tasks & invoices

  • Easy data edit

    The great advantage of this view is the quick editing of the record

  • Browse activity log

    Filter and check who and when took action with the lead.

Real Estate Excel Details View

Basic Info Area

Recent Showings List

Recent Tasks List

Recent Invoices List

Filterable Activity Log

Property Details

Referral Agent Details

Open email templates and send a message directly from Excel

Simplify work and get more done

  • Plan

    The success of each sale is a well-planned action plan. Set Deadlines and stick to it

  • Assign Leads & Statuses

    Assign tasks to leads, categories and statuses

  • Kanban or Table View?

    Work on the task in a view that suits you. Check our innovative Kanban with draggable boards

  • Outlook Notification

    One click and you’ve got an outlook reminder!

How to manage Tasks Realtor

View Modifiers

Autocomplete dropdowns

Pick-up calendar for Deadlines

Overdue – calculation column

Sync with Outlook

Add/Remove task & Clear Filter Buttons

Let us remember about payments for you

  • Add Referrals

    To track them and link with leads & invoices

  • Count Referred Leads

    Be up to date with all data

  • Show Referred Leads

    Just with a double-click!

  • Sales & Purchase

    Track both Sales and Purchase Invoices!

  • Overdue or not?

    Stay on top of which invoices are ending the payment deadline

  • Notifications via Outlook

    If you wish, you can add each invoice to the Outlook Calendar and get notifications

Real Estate Referrals

Track Referrals

Count Referred Leads

Invoice Tracking

Easy access to overdue invoices

Keep contact details to agents and partners

  • Kanban Boards
  • Activity Log
  • Emails
  • Gantt Timeline
  • Customization

See your work organized

  • Drag & Drop

    Drag and drop to change status! Don’t waste time jumping between tables

  • Edit data directly on tiles

    Don’t have to go back to the database to make changes. Edit directly on the Kanban Board

  • Color-code

    Each status has a color that you can change. This method makes it easier to manage and focus on the task

  • Fast & Efficient

    Our kanban was created without the use of formulas, which makes it faster and more efficient than the Kanban boards available on the market

All lead-related activities in one place

  • Filter by Categories

    All in one place and in order! Do you need to check e-mails sent to the client? Or maybe just completed tasks? Click and you have it!

  • Check Related Tasks…

    Check recent tasks that have been assigned to the lead / deal

  • …or linked Showings

    The view will display recent 10 records

  • Easy Lead Editing

    Is it inconvenient to add data to the table? Edit leads from this view!

That’s right, send emails directly from Excel!

  • Create Templates

    Tired of creating offers send them to multiple clients? Create one template, then send it with 1 click!

  • Use your own SMTP (like Gmail)

    Send emails via Gmail without opening a browser!

  • Use Outlook

    Alternatively, your e-mails can be sent via Outlook, in Excel of course

  • Log Emails Sent

    Track every sales activity, including sent messages

Email Templates

Template Name

Custom Email in CC field


Email Body

Template No 3

Template No 4

Visualize Showings on a Timeline

  • Stay up to date with deadlines

    The color-coding will help you get to the information

  • See if you are overlapping same-day appointments

    Gantt is an ideal tool for finding time dependencies!

  • Keep your appointments under control

    Filter and check to whom and when you proposed a meeting, which came to fruition and which should be canceled

Adjust to the categories of your needs

  • Choose your currency

    Need a different currency? No problem, select it from the list or enter a new one!

  • Set Sales Pipeline

    Your business is as unique as your sales pipeline. Customize sales stages for your business and sale more!

  • Define Categories

    We have prepared a set of categories for you, but you can always replace it with yours!

  • Handle Custom Statuses

    Custom statuses, color coding and setting a keyword will allow you to effectively manage your sales

Real Estate Customization

Customization Areas

Custom Categories 

Color-coded Statuses

Customization options

What people say about LuxTemplates

Absolutely no reason I would chose another specialist for any future spreadsheet work. Damian from LuxTepmplates is the last data engineer you will need.
dangerpianoReview at Fiverr
Just need dashboard with some tables that are linked with each other.the layout and filters are great, I’m 100% fulfilled.

Jenny fr. Ven.
JenProduct review
Everything went great from the beginning and the contact with the team is perfect. The product was delivered before the deadline. I fully recommend. I will for sure continue cooperation with them.
tomsoonReview at Fiverr
I gave a shot and bought that template, run some marketing campaigns (track them with that CRM spreadsheet), and they informed me about new CRM release that will be soon & free update.
myDropKingdomProduct Review
I was really happy with the communication Lux team gave during and after this order was completed. He worked hard to make sure I was happy and helped me understand his process during this.
AvaaProduct Review
Great experience! He really went above and beyond to help me meet my project’s goals. I highly recommend their products & services and will be ordering again for all future excel needs. Thank you again for your patience and help!
calvinplasReview at Fiverr
Great communication and great product. Everything I asked for!
jroelg93Review at Fiverr
Excel Real Estate CRM

List of all features

Register & Tracking

  • Lead, Referral Agents, Tasks, Showings & Invoices databases
  • Linking leads with referrals, tasks, showings & invoices
  • Activity log – cooperation with a lead
  • Staging of sales and sales funnels
  • Custom filter panel
  • Advanced data filtering
  • Dynamic table view (showing/hiding columns & filter panel
  • [Business] Defining and marking customer sources
  • [Business] Creating custom drop-down lists
  • [Business] Custom Color-coding for statuses
  • [Business] Defining your own sales stages

Working with lead & deal

  • Dedicated details view to manage all tasks, showings, invoices, activities linked with a lead
  • Defining activities like tasks, showings, invoicing
  • Auto-Fit to the monitor
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Floating sidebar menu to make it easy to navigate
  • [Business] Creating templates for e-mails
  • [Business] Sending e-mails directly from Excel (Outlook sync or via SMTP server – easy to connect with Gmail and any other provider)

Kanban Boards

  • [Business] Manage your deals/leads & tasks with draggable* kanban board
  • [Business] Edit Lead/Task data directly on Kanban tile*

*Innovative feature that you won’t find in any other Excel spreadsheet!

  • [Business] Predefined reports for Lead, Tasks, and Invoices
  • [Business] Flexible report filtering
  • [Business] Define your report template – Excel skills not needed


  • Auto-fit the view to the size of the monitor
  • Year to Date Sales Summary
  • Growth Year over Year
  • Sales Funnel
  • Leads, Tasks, Showings Trends
  • Active Leads
  • Next Showings
  • To-Do Tasks
  • Next Invoices to Pay Receive
  • Profit by Month with comparison to the previous year
  • Tasks Summary (Open, Overdue, Success, Failed)


  • [Business] Help in creating custom categories
  • [Business] Customization

Some features are not available in the free version


  • Windows Operating System
  • Microsoft Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, 365
  • [Optional] Microsoft Outlook

Simplify your work!

simplify real estate crm
I’d like to get a Business license with all features



  • Records Limit
  • Single User license
  • Showings, Leads, Agents, Tasks Lists
  • Activity Log
  • Invoice Tracker
  • Showings Calendar
  • Reports Sheet
  • Custom Categories/Statuses
  • Kanban Tasks & Leads
  • Email Automation
  • Support

Choose Plan


/ month

  • Unlimited records
  • Multi-User license
  • Showings, Leads, Agents, Tasks Lists
  • Activity Log
  • Invoice Tracker
  • Showings Calendar
  • Reports Sheet
  • Custom Categories/Statuses
  • Kanban Tasks & Leads
  • Email Automation
  • Support

Choose Plan

Business Lifetime


  • Unlimited records
  • Multi-User license
  • Showings, Leads, Agents, Tasks Lists
  • Activity Log
  • Invoice Tracker
  • Showings Calendar
  • Reports Sheet
  • Custom Categories/Statuses
  • Kanban Tasks & Leads
  • Email Automation
  • Support

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