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Project Estimation – Scheduling – Workload Tool
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Project Estimation – Scheduling – Workload Tool

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Create estimates, schedules, and workloads in seconds! No matter the size or budget, estimating a project can be a daunting task. Therefore, make it easier for you to work with a ready-made template.

Our worksheet consists of 4 areas:

Rates -> Scheduling -> Project Cost -> Workload

Manage your projects more efficiently & control the timeline!

Compatible: Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 365

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Estimation, Scheduling, Workload – IT or Engineering Projects?

The project Estimation tool is a worksheet that perfectly fits engineering projects. There you will find the Design, Drafting, and Site Visits sections. These sections can be modified by you.

Project estimation framework

We offer a framework that speeds up work and helps in project management. Ok, so what includes this project estimation template? Let’s see what process the sheet takes you through.


You can easily and legibly manage the hourly rate of each employee or group of employees. The rate is assigned to the employee and a task category. A dynamic table will auto-expand as soon as you enter data just after the last column or below the last row. New columns (task category) or rows (employee) can be added using the drop-down lists. The drop-down lists can be modified in the Lists tab.

Project Rates Employee


We stuffed as much knowledge and formulas as possible into this sheet to automate your work and not lose its readability. The purpose of this table is to plan your projects. Each line (row) is a separate category of tasks. As in the Rates tab, we use drop-down lists there, so preparing an estimate takes a few seconds! Just select a project, category, or employee, and then enter the time planned for a task. That’s all!

We have prepared 3 areas to fill: Design, Drafting, and Site Visits – of course, you can rename them.
Each section has fields to enter Estimated hours and Actual hours. Why this way? Firstly, you prepare an estimate, and after that, you can proceed to realize the project. It’s an easy and quick way to compare actual work hours with the budget.

There are also columns such as Effort, Start Date, Planned End Date, and Actual End Date.

Project Cost

This tab is a summary of the project. You can select and compare the planned and actual costs for the selected project. That’s like a project estimation calculator.


The Workload functionality was created to compare the available and required workload for each week of the year. To make your comparison even easier, we’ve added a graph and color coding (red = not enough hours available).

Project workload Excel Spreadsheet


Do your work is based on tasks or projects? Check our Sales CRM – still on huge discount!


How to create a project budget & estimate in a few steps:

  1. Get to know your team & their skills
  2. Consult the project assumptions with the team
  3. Study projects’ history to create better project estimates
  4. List all tasks
  5. Determine the workload of each task
  6. Review your plan with the team
  7. Control your schedule and workload


Zip Archive Content:

  • Project Estimation Tool – Excel Spreadsheet
  • Project Estimation Tool – with sample data


Compatible with:

Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, 365

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    Nice tool to help with assigning empl. to projects. I sincerely recommend

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