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Property Management
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Property Management

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Unique Spreadsheet to manage Real Estate/Rental Business!

  • Add a property to the table and keep track of how much loan you have to pay off
  • Track Return on Investment (ROI) and Current Estate Value
  • Register every income and expense related to your property
  • Analyze the revenue & expense of each property and tenant
  • Many features like auto-zoom, date picker, collapsable top panel with filters

The spreadsheet contains Dashboard, Analysis tab, Real Estate tab, Register tab, and Settings. Automation like date picker, flexible and multi-dependency dropdown list is implemented.

  • Compatible:  Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, 365
  • 2 versions included: 1. Excel, 2. Excel with VBA/Macro
  • Package includes product ready to use + product with sample data
  • 30 days easy returns
  • Instant Download
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Property Management – A spreadsheet to manage your estates

The Property Management spreadsheet is the perfect solution for estate owners. Property Management is a great tool for tracking the profitability of your investment. The product includes the following tabs: Summary, Analysis, Real Estate, Register and Settings.

Summary Dashboard – Return on Investment

  • Dynamic dashboard to track property profit and net worth
  • Discover the most and worst profitable properties
  • Control your loan repayment
  • Stay up-to-date on the expenses and income of each property
  • Take care of ROI of properties
  • Track property value

Portfolio & Real Estate Analysis – Property Management

  • Track the value of your portfolio
  • Track each tenant’s income and expenses
  • Compare tenants

Real Estate tab to show most important information

This tab is a treasury of knowledge about your real estate. Fill in just 4 fields/columns, and the rest of the data is calculated based on the Register tab.

Manual Input:

  • Property Name
  • Property Address
  • Current Tenant Name
  • Loan Taken
  • Loan to be Paid (provided only once)

Formula (calculation based on Register tab):

  • Amount Invested
  • Date Invested
  • Property Price
  • Total Income
  • Total Expenses
  • Loan Saldo
  • ROI
  • Estate Value
  • Last Activity

Register tab to keep track of every real estate activity

This is your main workplace. Add costs and revenues related to property. Here you also enter the amount you have invested in the property, as well as the activity category

Manual Input:

  • Date
  • Real Estate (dropdown list)
  • Tenant (multi-dependency dropdown list)
  • Amount
  • Category (multi-dependency dropdown list – shows different categories for income and expense)
  • The current value of the property

Formula (calculation based on Register tab):

  • Month
  • Year
  • Type (Expense, Income, Loan)
  • Cost Type

The package content

  • Excel Spreadsheet (.xslx)
  • Excel with Sample data (.xlsx)
  • Google Sheets link


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