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Excel CRM Lite 2.0
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Excel CRM Lite 2.0

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The CRM Lite template supports your sales, and organizes Contacts and Deals in a more effective way. The spreadsheet consists of 4 main modules automating your work.

Manage Deals & Customers data, Track Activities, and be up-to-date with high-end Dashboard & Deals/Activities Reports.

Compatible: Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, 365

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Excel CRM – Customer Relationship Management Lite 2.0

Can today’s business run without CRM? Customer Relationship Management can be a strategy or simply actions aimed at supporting sales, marketing, and other processes, where the overriding goal is to focus on the customer’s needs.

We have created a product for you to organize your Contacts with an Excel CRM Template – product based on the latest trends related to CRM. The Customer Lead sheet supports your sales and deals in a more effective way

Best for:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Sales teams
  • Sales Representative
  • Small companies
  • Freelancers

Main features:

  • Reminders about key activities
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM)
  • Sales support
  • Task Automation
  • Deals Analyzer
  • Analytical Dashboard
  • Template without VBA code/scripts
  • Analysis of failures and successes
  • Customer list template
  • Customer lead sheet
  • Deal database
  • Transparent data structure
  • Modern and clear design
  • A fully editable file

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How to track sales with Excel CRM Dashboard?

The spreadsheet consists of 4 main modules automating your work.

CRM in 4 steps, Add a Contact, Make a Deal, Set your deadlines, Track your deals

What’s inside the Excel CRM Lite?


The core of your company’s sales. The sheet helps you find out when each deal must be completed, check the progress and arrangements. It is a treasury of knowledge about your sales activities.


Track your users’ activity. It can be called a task sheet if you wish. What’s inside? A table with users, their activities/tasks, deadlines, and other linked tables like product, customers, activity type.


This is the place where you record customers and contractors. It is a synthetic table that can be easily adapted to your needs.


Contains a summary of your deals, sales, and activities. There you will find a list of deals to be closed, Funnel Summary, Sales, Summary, Deals Value by Month, also a summary for activities and customers. Remember to use filters (left sidebar).

CRM Filters

Report – Deals & Report – Activities

Pivot table reports that will help you check data for the selected month, customer or employee.


Like any of our spreadsheets, it has a place where you can edit all of your dynamic lists. Starting with Sales Stage, Lead Channel, Product Area, and ending with the user and type of activity


  • Excel file (xlsx) + sample data
  • Discount code


Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, 365

4 reviews for Excel CRM Lite 2.0

  1. JsonNone

    Nice tool to track sales and tasks!

  2. Loocy

    that’s what i’m looking for. 5 stars for support and customizing the dashboard, thank you Damian

  3. myDropKingdom

    I gave a shot and bought that template, run some marketing campaigns (track them with that CRM spreadsheet), and they informed me about new CRM release that will be soon & free update. Didn’t expect that – worth any $

  4. Jen

    Just need dashboard with some tables that are linked with each other.the layout and filters are great, I’m 100% fulfilled.

    Jenny fr. Ven.

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