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(6 customer reviews)
(6 customer reviews)

Upgrade an Excel table into Professional Spreadsheet
Easily assign deals and tasks, and improve your sales funnel. Our Dashboard and visual views keep you and your team up-to-date brings you closer to your goals.

Focus on Projects and Opportunities
Manage your data more efficiently to focus on sales and projects and gain visibility into the progress of all your Deals.

Details or Big Picture?
Switch between different views so you don’t miss a thing. Big picture? Then use dashboard and To-do lists. Details? Just filter views, track invoices, and tasks, modify your reports to analyze your business to make the right decisions.


Check the product description to see the requirements and license table.

CRM KPI Dashboard Deals Projects


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Friendly Refund Policy!

It’s ok to change your mind. You can cancel your purchase within 14 days and receive a refund provided that you have not started downloading your product.


Excel CRM Pro Spreadsheet & Project Management Automation

Can a business run without efficient sales and task management? In order to help you manage more effectively, our team created a new CRM spreadsheet. We put so much automation and modules into one Excel template that it turned into a powerful time-saving system that gives you full insight into your business.


The system includes 12 connected with each other smart sheets:

Sales management automation Dashboard

  • KPI Dashboard,
  • Kanban Board,
  • To Do List,
  • Gantt Chart,
  • Reports,
  • Add a Record View
  • Deals,
  • Tasks,
  • Company,
  • Invoices,
  • Contact List, Settings.



Perfect spreadsheet for small businesses and freelancers!



CRM in 4 steps, Add a Contact, Make a Deal, Set your deadlines, Track your deals

How Excel CRM Pro improves the quality of your sales or project management?

1. Add a new contact or customer

And then add relevant information about the client that will allow you to communicate with him more efficiently. Use contact lists and customer database

2. Add a Deal

Connect sales deals with customers and contact lists. Create tasks and assign them to your employees.

3. Set deadlines with a handy date picker

Manage your Deals using the dynamic Gantt chart or Kanban Board view, modify tasks, make corrections to your process, and finally, you will increase the quality of sales

4. Track your deals

Use the Dashboard sheet, Reports, and Analysis tab, as well as advanced filters that won’t let you miss the opportunity. Win sales and customers this way!



Main features:

  • Customer Relations Management modules: Deals, Tasks, Customers/Suppliers, Contact list, Invoices
  • Work automation and sales support
  • Interactive Dashboard showing insights into your projects and sales
  • To-Do List
  • Sales funnel
  • Sales forecast
  • Invoice tracking
  • Reports & Analysis – Fully Editable
  • Gantt View – manage projects and deals by changing the start and deadlines of your deals
  • Kanban – a unique board view, where you can assign a deal/task to another user or change the status
  • Editable category lists
  • Speed & Efficiency ensured by professional VBA coding


KPI Dashboard

Advanced Dashboard includes many charts, sales forecast, sales funnel, Year to Date, Year over Year, and many other indicators, all in one place!

Advanced CRM module (Deals, Tasks, Company, Contacts)

You won’t get lost in the maze of data and unconnected tables. Our tables are linked together – and no, not with slow formulas. It’s not a simple Excel sheet since we’ve applied our unique coding solution here. When choosing a deal or contact, the system expands a drop-down list – there is no chance to make a mistake and mix up contacts or deals.

You can also add new records using the input-form, which saves your time and guides you through the process.

Interactive/Dynamic Kanban

A unique board solution that isn’t only used to view deals, but also to interact with them. Use this view to change the status of a task or deal, assign a user, and update a deadline.

Gantt Timeline

Find yourself in a lot of deadlines and dependencies. Our spreadsheet is perfect for planning and verifying that everything has been done according to plan.

Invoice Tracker

What would be a good CRM template without tracking invoices? In Excel CRM Pro, there is an Invoicing module not only to help you track & store invoices but also automates the calculation of income, cost, and net value for dashboard & reports. All you have to do is link the invoice to a deal. The rest of the operations will be performed by the system! You can turn off automatic calculation in the settings and enjoy manual input of cost and profit in the deals view.

To-do List

This pleasant module won’t let you forget about important deadlines for tasks, opportunities, and invoice payments. If you somehow missed the deadline while browsing the lists views, kanban board, or Gantt chart, the dashboard, and the ToDo list shows the next tasks.


There are prepared various lists to help you better describe your deals and contacts. However, you can modify these lists, add your custom categories, change your currency, or just upgrade your account.

License Table Excel Pro


Windows & Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, 365

Still not sure? View our demo or just buy a Single User or Professional license. You can upgrade the product while in use without losing your data.



6 reviews for Excel CRM Pro Spreadsheet

  1. Scott

    I’ve been waiting for it, thanks! I can’t believe this was made in excel

  2. Myles

    It’s a pity that the Single User version has so many cut features. I bought the Pro version and it’s ok. Thank you for help Damian

  3. Patrick

    Best Kanban I’ve seen so far, recommend this spreadsheet

  4. Charlotte

    Whoa Kanban, Gantt, To Do List, Contracts, Invoice Tracking in one tool. Sounds good, I hope it works flawlessly

  5. Chelsea Re

    I recommend purchasing Professional and then upgrading to Business, then you have an additional discount! haha
    Anyway, good work

  6. Destiny?

    highly recommend it. An unusual spreadsheet,
    but everything is locked in VBA

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