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Savings Snowball Planner
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Savings Snowball Planner

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Build Your savings with an Excel Savings Snowball Planner. Plan your holidays, emergency fund or just plan your retirement savings. You might as well check how much you can save.

With this tool, you can also plan your debt reduction!

Compatible: Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, 365, Google Sheets

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Savings Snowball Planner

I ask myself why so far I have not saved the right amount of money for my goals and dreams. Looking through this Savings Snowball calculator, I realized that until now I had no plan and no schedule.

Starting Balance and Goal amount

But what is Savings Snowball at all?

The idea is simple, create a list of goals (in order to collect a specific amount of money) and assign them the order in which we want to achieve them. We can save in 2 ways:

  • Each month, the entire amount is saved for the current most important goal
  • Set minimum amounts for individual purposes, paid each month, and spend the remaining savings on the currently most important goal.

In both cases, Excel will prepare a saving schedule. Getting more money to resemble in this case the process of snowball formation.

How to save my money?


Ok, what if I have debts? Snowball calculator is a versatile tool and was also designed to reduce debt, i.e. to help create savings.

Savings Snowball Plan is to secure your future. Download the Spreadsheet and start planning your savings.

Personal Budget Planner is a great tool for controlling your budget, check it out, and don’t let you lose your savings anymore. See Personal Budget Planner here

How much I will save?



  • Compatible: Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, 365, Google Sheets

4 reviews for Savings Snowball Planner

  1. Moore

    Printable worksheet – 5 stars for that

  2. MadAvy

    Attention to detail is outstanding and it completely worth the price I paid. I recommend that spreadsheet to anyone

  3. theclassharmony

    Satisfied! It automatically created a payment schedule form me!

  4. Tommy

    Easy to use even I wasn’t familiar with the Snowball method.

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