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Wealth Management – Credit Repair Spreadsheet
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Wealth Management – Credit Repair Spreadsheet

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Discover our unique product for wealth management.
Take care of your finances and increase your savings. Grow your wealth now!

How to do it? Use our spreadsheet with:

  • Budget Planner – control your expenses and savings
  • Fico Score – calculate and track your Credit Score
  • Credit Repair – control your rating, check when you’d repay your last loan and how to plan future loans
  • Debt Snowball – free yourself from debt, and accelerate repayment with the snowball method

Savings Wealth Grow





No matter if you plan to take a personal loan or just increase your ability (credit/fico score).

Grow your Wealth Increase your FICO Score Repair your Credit

Do it better, do it faster, and do it with our Wealth Management Spreadsheet.

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Compatible: Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, 365

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Chart Cash Flow Excel Spreadsheet

Wealth Management

Wealth Management is a challenge for many of us. We have different goals – personal loan, willingness to repair credit rating or to control our budget, but we have one thing in common – the desire to control our finances better, easier, and faster.

We draw conclusions from projects with our clients. The result is a product containing everything you need to Grow your Wealth.

Budget Tracker

Our unique system for tracking expenses, revenues, and savings. With this spreadsheet, you will see where to reduce your expenses. Enter your revenues and expenses on a monthly, weekly, and even daily basis. Do it as you want, feel free, the sheet will adapt to you anyway!

Forecast your balance!

Plan your budget not for a week, not for a month, and not for a current year, but for the following years. The spreadsheet generates a forecast of your savings – based on your entries. It generates 2 line charts. The first is optimistic, the second is pessimistic. Trust in our experience, use Excel Wealth Management Spreadsheet and you won’t be surprised planning your household budget.

Debt Snowball Calculator

Have you heard about the Debt Snowball method? Dave Ramsey invented it. It allows for quick and effective repayment of personal loans. In short, it consists of determining the amount that we are able to spend monthly to pay off the debt. Then we create a list of our loans, throw them into our Debt Snowball Calculator starting from the smallest ones. As a result, we receive deadlines and amounts that we should spend on repayment (not less than those specified in the calculator).

Debt Snowball Excel Planner


Schedule for debt payments

Debt Snowball Calculator will help you create a repayment schedule. Actually, it does it for you. The list will be put under your nose, without any unnecessary planning or thinking. Just print it and use it.

FICO Score Calculator * + Tracker

Applying for a loan you have to verify your creditworthiness. We’ve developed a model for assessing your credit rating. *The model is based on information provided by the FICO company. Remember, the exact FICO scoring model is a trade secret of this company and only FICO company would give you a real FICO Score.

Don’t miss the opportunity, grow your wealth, Buy it Now!

Fico Score Calculator Excel


Product Features:

  • All in One file
  • Fico Score for everyone!
  • Debt Snowball calculator + Tracker
  • Wealth Management
  • Macro free Dashboard (Without VBA)!
  • Friendly with bank statements
  • Friendly for manual data entry
  • Set your Dashboard view by the year and month,
  • Easy to manage your data
  • Printable worksheet
  • Easy to filter data on both mobile and desktop
  • Modern design
  • Light and efficient
  • Ready-to-use template

Product Package:

  • Wealth Management for Excel 2010 and higher
  • Spreadsheet with sample data
  • Manual ‘How to use’
  • Info pdf with discount code (12-15%).

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5 reviews for Wealth Management – Credit Repair Spreadsheet

  1. MarkMariano

    Thanks for customization Damian!
    Great product

  2. andyy

    I don’t care about credit score features. Budget Tracker makes the difference. Highly recommend

  3. Ann

    Why you’ve blocked that many functions in demo? Only full version convinced me to that. It’s awesome!

  4. Austin

    Really like design and appreciate your help!

  5. Avaaa

    I was really happy with the communication Lux team gave during and after this order was completed. He worked hard to make sure I was happy and helped me understand his process during this.

    • Damian

      I’m glad I could help 🙂
      Damian, LuxTemplates team

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