Invoice Generator + Tracker + Dashboard

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Invoice Generator + Tracker + Dashboard

(6 customer reviews)
(6 customer reviews)

Invoice Generator is a template for generating and controlling invoices.
The spreadsheet will create a pdf document for you, save the invoice in the database and control payments.
The tool has 3 modifiable invoice templates, and you can also add your own.
Dashboard presents your balance, top customers or invoices after due date

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  • Business

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Friendly Refund Policy!

It’s ok to change your mind. You can cancel your purchase within 14 days and receive a refund provided that you have not started downloading your product.

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(6 customer reviews)
(6 customer reviews)

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Invoice Generator + Tracker + Dashboard

The Invoice Tracker + Generator + Dashboard template is an ideal tool for freelancers and small businesses. The application makes it much easier to conduct business and to register documents.

The spreadsheet has also a CRM module.

VBA Supported!

Generate invoices in the blink of an eye!

The most important functionality of the template is the immediate creation of a PDF document based on the selected pattern. Creating a single invoice takes only a few seconds!

Generating Value

Value? What makes this template stand out? The key word is automation, creating a pdf, saving in a database and a reminder about payment dates in Dashboard. The added value for your business are: the information provided by the template and the saved time.


To create a new invoice is quick and simple. Just select a customer from the list, enter the invoice items with its price, and then press “Generate invoice”. As you can see, there are few actions and their execution usually takes a few seconds. What do we get?

  • PDF document in the previously defined location,
  • Saved invoice in the database with dates and status
  • Updated CRM module with the invoice value for the selected customer
  • Updated Dashboard


An extraordinary advantage of this template is its flexibility in modifying. Most sheets based on the VBA code cannot be edited due to references to the application code. This is the opposite of our product, whose connections are flexible. You can edit your document and the macros will still work.

You can edit predefined invoice templates, but you can also add yours, which is very easy thanks to our clever functions.


Today’s business requires not only a working tool in its basic form but requires also additional functionalities and value in a pleasant look. Of course, our product includes all these features. Apart from generating documents, Dashboard has a summary of invoice values and their payment status reminds you of deadlines

Best for:

  • For everyone, freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, private individuals

Template Features:

  • Create pdf invoices!
  • Automatic – registers and reminds about payments
  • Quick – you can create an invoice in a few seconds!
  • CRM – an additional module for more effective Customer Relations Management
  • Dashboard with a reminder of payments
  • Flexible – you can modify your invoice patterns exactly the way you want!
  • Modern and clear design.
  • Interface supported by VBA code
  • Secure payment (credit card or PayPal)
  • Instant download
  • No usage fees
  • A fully editable invoice template

Tested only on Windows.


  • Excel file compatible with Excel 2010 and higher. Tested on Windows and Mac
  • Google Sheets version (with scripts)
  • The template is created with VBA Code
  • Excel File with sample data
  • Discount coupon (12% Modifiable, 15% Business)

6 reviews for Invoice Generator + Tracker + Dashboard

  1. Mat

    Great! Thank you

  2. Greg0

    That’s what I looking for. Do you do custom modifications for that?

    • Damian

      Thank you.
      We can definitely customize our dashboards for you.
      I’ve sent a PM to you


  3. anonymous

    The dashboard could be better, I like the automation however

  4. AnnFlor4you

    I thought the Invoice generator generates pdfs only. While it automates copy-pasting process between tables. So I have to select invoice items, price and the customer, then it saves in the database, generates a pdf from a template and tracks it on dashboard. Didn’t expect that possibilities from Excel WOW

    Highly recommend!

  5. Andy9090

    Great skills and great template! Thank you Damian for the customization!

  6. Mandy

    I was looking for mobile app. It isn’t for mobile 🙁 However, we’re using it to track our budget – thank you Damian for modifications!!!

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