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*NEW* Cash Flow Financial Statement
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*NEW* Cash Flow Financial Statement

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Tested many free templates and none of them satisfy you? Need more than just a cash flow template? We know it because we were in the same place as you!

Start to plan your costs and sales more effectively. Check out various scenarios (what if I increase costs by 10% and increase the price by 5%?) to find out which strategy best suits your business.
Increase your cash flow, EBIT, and your profit in the next 2 years.
We will help you to achieve this, just test our cash flow statement.

Compatible: Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, 365, Google Sheets

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Cash Flow Financial Statement

For Excel and Google Sheets

Operating cash planning


It doesn’t matter if you run a small company, manage a team in a corporation, or are just planning to open a business. Each of us faces the problem of estimating the costs of business and whether if it brings profit.

The first step will be to estimate the operating costs and the costs of the goods sold. It’s all about money and our expenditures.
Then set up the prices of products and services, estimate sales volume and finally, we have a Revenue.

Sounds ordinary? Definitely. That’s why we provide a more advanced Spreadsheet. So what do we offer? Find out below.

What if your sales go up and costs go down?

The above is the sensitivity analysis. Let’s say, when planning finance you know your sales can increase by 10% if you increase your expenditure by 15%, it’s just an example. Ok and so what? With sensitivity analysis forecasting future profits is a piece of cake!

Sale increase with excel cash flow

Check out various scenarios and verify your future profit. For example, what if you lower the price and at the same time increase the cost (e.g. for marketing) with the current sales volume? How will your budget react, what will the financial result be? That’s right, you don’t know, neither me, nobody knows. Notwithstanding, we implemented this solution in our product. Hence, you can be the one, who knows the answer!

ROI, CoGS, EBIT, it is necessary?

As befits a serious and professional financial document, it would be nice if we got some financial indicators after we calculated our costs, sales, and stuff.
These indicators are Return on Investment (ROI), i.e. how much revenue is generated by $ 1. The next indicator- EBIT, in other words, EBIT is how much we have earned relative to the operating costs incurred.
In our Cash Flow Statement, we have included financial figures as above and many other indicators to inform you about your business condition.

ROI EBIT figures analysis

I thougt maybe you’re looking for something to create a Budget. So take a look at this product [Click here].

Let’s sum up

Instead of never-ending searching for free templates, take Cash flow and other financial stuff in your hands, look through the key features of our product and order it.

Main features:

  • No VBA scripts!
  • Sensitivity analysis!
  • Simple & Clever formulas
  • Modern and clear design
  • Financial Statement for all types of companies
  • ROI, EBIT, and other financial indicators
  • Budget planner
  • Revenue with details (Gross Revenue, Cost of Sales, Gross Profit)
  • Operating Cost without secrets!
  • Printable sheets
  • Instant Download (Excel) and Instant Access (Google Sheets)
  • No usage fees
  • A fully editable file (Modifiable and Business license)


  • Excel file compatible with Excel 2010 and higher (and with sample data)
  • Direct link to Google Drive to Google Sheets (Modifiable, Business)
  • Discount code -8% (Single User)
  • Discount code -12% (Modifiable, Business)
  • Manual (pdf)

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7 reviews for *NEW* Cash Flow Financial Statement

  1. beelz

    Amazing product & service. Quick response time and turn around time. He even did some adjustments that I hadn’t originally asked for without an additional charge. I highly recommend that store!

  2. Is.ab.ela

    They were very clear as to what he could provide. Worked quickly and I am very satisfied with the result. Would work with the Lux team again on future excel needs.
    Thank you Damian!

  3. Olivia.DC

    We wanted our Excel sheet to look more professional and wanted to have the functions integrated better. With a very short explanation, it worked as promised.
    New spreadsheet is based on that cash flow sheet. Great!

    • Damian

      I’m glad I could do a customization for you! 🙂
      Damian, LuxTemplates team

    • Damian

      I’m happy to read that 🙂
      Damian, LuxTemplates team

  4. intercomp

    Luxtemplates have built a system for us that significantly improves our company’s performance. That’s why we use their spreadsheets like this cashflow. Highly recommend!

  5. evelyonon

    Contacted Damian before buying, he is pretty good at his work, very responsive.
    Good product

  6. jsson89

    Lux team went above and beyond to make sure my ‘custom’ spreadsheet is tailored to my needs

    • Damian

      It was a pleasure to create that spreadsheet for you!
      Damian, LuxTemplates Team

  7. Justme

    Recommend customized spreadsheet – Immensely pleased with the final project outcome.

    • Damian

      I’m glad I could help.
      Damian, LuxTemplates team

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