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Customer relations CRM Excel

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The CRM Lite template supports your sales, organizes Contacts and Deales in a more effective way

The spreadsheet consists of 4 main modules automating your work:

  • Automations
  • Kanban
  • Gantt Table
  • Contact list
  • Deals & Tasks
  • Invoice Tracking

Customer Relationship Management can be a strategy or simply actions aimed at supporting sales, marketing, and other processes, where the overriding goal is to focus on the customer’s needs.

Visit the product page to see the gallery and download the demo (no subscription needed)!

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Monthly Expense Tracker | Personal Budget Planner

Would you like to start saving money and be a master of your private Budget?

It’s easy!

  1. Set your Budget
  2.  Provide your data
  3. Control expenses
  4. Analyze annual summary
  5. Be successful and grow your savings!

Savings Wealth Grow





All in One file,

  • Friendly with bank statements
  • Friendly for manual data entry
  • Set your Dashboard view by the year and month,
  • Easy to manage your data
  • Printable worksheet
  • Easy to filter data on both mobile and desktop
  • Light and efficient,
  • Ready-to-use template

Visit the product page to see the gallery and download the demo (no subscription needed)!

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Wealth Management Credit Repair Debt Savings

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Invoice Generator Tracker Dashboard Excel template

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Invoice Tracker & Generator

Invoice Generator is a template for generating and controlling invoices.
Create a pdf document, save the invoice in the database and control payments, The spreadsheet will do it for you automatically.
The tool has 3 modifiable invoice templates, and you can also add your own.
The dashboard presents your balance, top customers or invoices after the due date.

  • Create pdf invoices!
  • Automatic – registers and reminds about payments
  • Quick – you can create an invoice in a few seconds!
  • CRM – an additional module for more effective Customer Relations Management
  • Dashboard with a reminder of payments
  • Flexible – you can modify your invoice patterns exactly the way you want!
  • Interface supported by VBA code
  • Secure payment (credit card or PayPal)
  • Instant download
  • No usage fees
  • A fully editable invoice template

Visit product page to see gallery and download demo (no subscription needed)!

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Business Model – Budget Tracker

The Budget Tracker will effectively control every aspect of your business for you.

Increase your sales, reduce costs, analyze a business and check the profitability of a venture or product preparation.

Main Features:

  • Detailed cost identification
  • Financial Dashboard
  • Comprehensive sales plan
  • Tax calculations (including VAT)
  • Break-Even-Point Analysis
  • Budgeting plan
  • Sensitivity analysis worksheet
  • Indicator analysis (ROI, EBIT, ROA, ROE, BEP, Debt Ratio, etc)
  • Flexible – you can adapt it to any product or service
  • Instant Download

Budget Tracker Excel





Do Break-Even Point analysis, check your Return on Investment, Return on Sales and Assets and even Asset turnover.
Take your finances in your hands and analyze your Cash Flow, EBIT, and more indicators!

Visit product page to see gallery and download demo (no subscription needed)!

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Excel template Financial Business Model

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